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Gambling online casino is a relatively new business sector, only since the mid-1990s. However, it has proved extremely popular industry with an annual turnover of several billion dollars. In the beginning there were a relatively small number of operators, but now there are literally hundreds of casinos fighting each other for the loyalty of their players. When the main product of gambling, such as casino brings something unique and special to the table to attract players to your front door?

Playtech software claims to be the first company to come up with a solution, and although the veracity of this statement is uncontroversial, their story is compelling. Unlike other casinos that were born online Playtech has made them to start a partnership with a land-based casino and trying to understand what they have proposed that online casinos do not.

The answer was comp awards. Real brick and mortar casino it provides not only the game, this soul you with all sorts of freebies to keep you coming back again and again. Probably free drinks, they ply you with have a dual purpose, but that’s besides the point: If you spend money playing in a real casino, you get a lot of free things. And thus was born the idea of casino bonuses – rewards system to thank the players for their business and encourage them to play more.

As the whole experience takes place in a virtual environment, preferably with free money to spend on other gambling games. The one who started them, the idea spread like wildfire, and soon almost every online casino on the Internet began to offer many different bonuses to almost nothing for loyalty, for the next game, for the game on Tuesday… and most importantly, to sign in the first place.

The real advantage of the bonus system, it became clear, pretty quickly – if you give players free money for registering at the casino, they will be more inclined to experiment with the games that they are not used to. And if it’s quite a big pile of free money, they could register to play, where otherwise, they will be more careful.

While online casinos are competing with each other by offering more and more rash bonuses, but the practice gradually standardized. First, because people have come to expect the bonus, and secondly because the culture of the Abuse of bonuses. The industry saw an influx of people to sign up for new casino with multiple accounts, claiming their bonuses and cashing out immediately. Strangely, most of the casino has not developed a policy around this, and a lot of money was lost as a result.

The practice has even acquired a name: the casino of agriculture. The industry responded quickly, however. Today online casino bonuses are alive and well and calmed down to a more reasonable level. Almost all online casino operators have added provisions to their rules and user agreements that govern how the free bonus money is processed, usually requiring a certain amount of play before the conclusion can be made. This way players will still benefit from the bonuses, but the industry is protected from abuse. There are two main types of bonuses, usually with some conditions attached.

Match bonuses

If the online casino offers you a bonus for signing up on their site, this means you must open an account with them and make some real money, but in exchange, they will match you Deposit. This effectively doubles the amount of money that you are going to play with, and it’s a great way for new players to create impressive initial bankroll. It has become common practice to place an upper limit on such a bonus to protect the online casinos from the high rollers, with the help of this system to double the money a million dollars.

No Deposit bonus

If an online casino offers you a no Deposit bonus for registering at their site, this means that they are really offering you free money. All you need to do is to register with them – you don’t have to put money on their own – and they will give you free money to play with. If you win while playing with their money, they’ll even let you withdraw winnings. Online casinos offer bonuses no Deposit, so you can have the opportunity to try the exciting world of casino without risking any of your own money

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